Water Heater Services & Repairs in Edgewood, KY

Lonneman Plumbing is equipped to handle a variety of plumbing services anywhere in Edgewood, KY. We specialize in water heater services, including replacements and repairs. If you find yourself struggling with your hot water heater, make sure to call our professionals right away.

water heater inspection

The Importance of Water Heaters

Most home and business owners rely on their water heater on a regular basis and count on it functioning properly. Water heaters are a big investment, so when something goes wrong, it’s vital to call an expert before things continue to worsen. That’s where Lonneman Plumbing comes in. We’re well-versed in all things water heater related, allowing our customers to put their full faith in our abilities.

Water Heater Repairs

When it comes to water heater services, an experienced professional can mean the difference in losing or saving hundreds of dollars. Our professional plumbers at Lonneman Plumbing pay close attention to every detail when on the job. We take our time in diagnosing the problem with your water heater to ensure nothing is overlooked. After a thorough analysis, we can choose the best repair options for the issue and your budget. Honesty is our number one policy, which means customers can always rely on our word. We offer timely and dependable water heater repairs for your peace of mind.

Protect Your Investment Today

Trust Lonneman Plumbing to help you protect your investment. Water heaters can get expensive, so when it’s time for a repair, it’s time to call us. We’re ready to provide a free estimate or to schedule an appointment as soon as the phone rings!